Full Communication is Important For Deaf People

We, Femaura Social Enterprise Ltd, run from 2008-2021 to ensure no communication barriers for Deaf people. Our business ethics ensure that we ensure that any information that gives us, we will provide that all information in a confidential agreement. We will ensure that any information has any cultural issues that any party has not aware of. We will feed them with extra information to ensure they have the whole story.

However, in our point of views that society seems to fail to meet Deaf people’s needs. We encourage to educate both government bodies and other public services that Deaf people can do anything they desire to.

Femaura offers learners an opportunity to see what British Sign Language is like and what it’s like to communicate with Deaf people using straightforward phrases. It will be included five days over five weeks which learners can informally test in an enjoyable and relaxed atmosphere. We run several courses that allow BSL signers of all levels to practice their skill in a fun, informal and non-judgmental environment. It is excellent to learn, as well!

We encourage individuals on BSL courses or access to our BSL tutorials that are exposed to a range of levels and variation of topics by providing week by week activities to help them. We support to enable them to enrich their skills – for an exam or assessment – or for those who want to build their confidence in a warm and safe environment with like-minded people.

Our BSL translation is available both to and from English and British Sign Language. The primary purpose is to ensure that deaf people can access the full range of available material in their language, free from communication barriers. For deaf employees or Deaf managers, they can use their Access to Work for any BSL translation. We can also work with them to discuss with us to ensure that they can access complete information via BSL.

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