Elohim Sparking Attunements Alignments Level 1

Elohim Sparking Attunements Alignments Level 1 Course

Overview: Step into a world of spiritual evolution with the “Elohim Sparking Attunements Alignments Level 1” course, designed exclusively for the Deaf community. Under the expert guidance of Deaf teacher Ezio Savva, participants will embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and empowerment, channelling the majestic vibrations of Elohim. This course is a testament to the belief that Deaf individuals possess an innate capacity to ascend to the highest echelons of lightworkers, becoming luminaries in the realm of the divine.

Key Features:

  • Intensive Vibrational Work: Delve into the depths of your spiritual essence with powerful attunements like ‘Wonderfully Elohim’ and ‘Blue Light’. These sessions are crafted to intensify the presence of Elohim within, fostering an environment for exponential personal and spiritual growth.
  • Diverse Attunement Experiences: Navigate through an expansive suite of 151 Elohim attunements, each one tailored to address various aspects of the self—from the liberation of karmic ties to the enhancement of communication with celestial beings, all fostering a profound connection with the cosmos.
  • Multifaceted Methodologies: Our course employs a versatile array of techniques, including meditation, soul light invocation, and energy work. These methods are seamlessly integrated to offer a holistic and personalised experience of Elohim’s wisdom and healing.


  • Deeper Spiritual Affinity: Cultivate a more intimate bond with the divine energy of Elohim, enriching your spiritual dialogue and fostering a sense of celestial kinship.
  • Holistic Personal Development: Embark on a transformative path to heal emotional, karmic, and physical disharmonies, thus paving the way for empowerment and self-actualisation.
  • Amplified Intuitive Insight: Enhance your intuitive faculties to facilitate lucid decision-making and to nurture a profound awareness of your life’s purpose.

“Embark on a transformative adventure with an array of otherworldly attunements, including:

  • Sea Creatures Attunement: Dive deep into the ocean of consciousness with an attunement that brings you closer to the mysterious energies of marine life.
  • Black Karma Off: Free yourself from past burdens and embrace your spiritual journey afresh, as you cut through the karmic ties that hold you back.
  • Deaf Octagonal Anti Oppression Healing: Stand empowered against all forms of oppression and discrimination, healing through unity and the power of collective resilience.
  • Timelines As Ever: Explore the fabric of your destiny with the ability to perceive and influence the intricate tapestry of your spiritual timelines.
  • Elohim Book of Life: Access the pinnacle of spiritual wisdom and experience the ultimate revelation of existence as understood by the Elohim.

Each carefully designed attunement forms a stepping stone towards your ennoblement and enlightenment. Join us for the “Elohim Sparking Attunements Alignments Level 1” course and enter into a communion with the universe like never before.

Course Details:

  • Duration: A comprehensive 4-day journey.
  • Instructor: Led by Ezio Savva, a distinguished spiritual mentor and beacon within the Deaf community.
  • Language: Presented in British Sign Language (BSL) and International Sign Language, accompanied by extensive visual aids and supportive resources.
  • Venue: Hosted at the welcoming Femaura Office in North London, with future provisions for remote participation.
  • Accessibility: No prerequisites required; open to all seeking enlightenment and healing.
  • Dates: 17-20 April 2024 from 9am to 4pm at Femaura Office
  • Costs: Please Contact us and Ask!

Join the Ascension: Seize the opportunity to receive 151 distinctive Elohim attunements. Reserve your spot in the forthcoming “Elohim Sparking Attunements Alignments Level 1” course and set forth on an epic saga of spiritual awakening and self-discovery.