Level 1 Galactic ETs Reiki

Welcome to Galactic Starseed Awakening – Level 1 of Galactic ETs Reiki

Explore your cosmic origins and unlock your healing potential in a space crafted for Deaf participants.

Course Overview

Course Name: Galactic Starseed Awakening

Dive into the first level of our transformative “Galactic ETs Reiki” system. This course is designed to awaken your understanding of your galactic heritage and introduce you to the fundamental principles of cosmic consciousness. Through tailored workshops, participants will connect with their starseeded soul lineages, activate dormant DNA codes, and learn to harness galactic energies for healing and personal growth. This course offers a unique blend of spiritual teachings and practical energy work, all conveyed through accessible communication methods suitable for the Deaf community.

Advantages of Learning This Course

  • Expand Consciousness: Elevate your spiritual awareness by learning to access and navigate your inherent connections to the cosmos.
  • Healing Abilities: Acquire skills to channel cosmic energies for self-healing and to assist others in their healing journeys.
  • Galactic Connection: Connect with your starseeded origins and galactic soul lineage, enhancing your sense of universal belonging and purpose.
  • Accessible Learning: Enjoy a fully accessible learning environment with instructions delivered in British Sign Language (BSL), ensuring all content is comprehensible for Deaf participants.
  • Community and Support: Join a community of like-minded individuals who are exploring their spiritual paths in an inclusive setting.
  • Personal Growth: Gain tools and knowledge that empower personal development and spiritual evolution in everyday life.

This Course is For:

This course is specially designed for individuals within the Deaf community interested in exploring new dimensions of spirituality and those curious about their connections to the broader universe. It is suitable for beginners in spiritual practices as well as those with more experience looking to expand their perspectives and healing techniques.

Learning Environment:

We ensure an inclusive learning experience by providing:

  • BSL Interpretation: All sessions are delivered with British Sign Language interpretation.
  • Visual Learning Materials: Use of visual aids and written materials to support understanding.
  • Interactive and Engaging Methods: Hands-on practices and interactive sessions tailored to the needs of Deaf participants.

Registration and Contact Information

Begin your journey into galactic healing and cosmic exploration by registering for the “Galactic Starseed Awakening” course. For more details, to discuss your needs, or to register:

Embrace this unique opportunity to expand your spiritual horizons and connect with your cosmic family.

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