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Akashic Records Consultation: Unlock Your Spiritual Potential

Catering Specifically to the Deaf Community through British Sign Language


Welcome to an exclusive sanctuary for spiritual exploration and healing, designed specifically for the Deaf community. Our certified consultants are fluent in British Sign Language and are highly skilled in guiding you through transformative Akashic Records readings.

Meet Your Consultant: Ezio Savva

As a Level 3 Certified Akashic Records Consultant, Ezio Savva has devoted over four years to this specialized field. During this time, he has empowered approximately 340 Deaf and Hearing clients through insightful one-hour and 90-minute consultation sessions. Leveraging the wisdom of your Masters, Teachers, and loved ones, Ezio aids you in exploring your past, present, and the endless possibilities for your future. With 19 years of experience as a Reiki Master/Teacher, he is also adept at helping Deaf individuals become healers in their own right.

The Essence of Akashic Records

Akashic Records are often referred to as the soul’s “Book of Life.” The term “Akashic” originates from the Sanskrit word for “primordial substance.” These records encompass the history and potential future of your soul’s journey, available for consultation through a sacred vibrational prayer. This prayer aligns the energy of the consultant and the client, ensuring a secure and enlightening experience.

What to Expect in Your Consultation

Engage in a soulful dialogue with your spiritual guides residing in your Akashic Records—a realm of unconditional love. The consultation allows you to focus on various aspects of your life, including but not limited to:

  • Addressing Addiction Patterns
  • Enhancing Relationships
  • Discovering Your Soul’s Purpose
  • Spiritual Guidance in Business and Career
  • Delving into Past, Present, and Future Lives
  • Overcoming Fears and Limiting Beliefs
  • Achieving Inner Peace and Balance

Pricing and Packages

  • Individual Consultations: £72 for a 1-hour session
  • Extended Individual Consultations: Special offer of £152 for a 2-hour session
  • Business Owner Consultation: £100, focused on addressing business-related issues
  • Pet Akashic Records Consultation: £75 for a short session
  • Building Assessment Consultation: £72 plus applicable travel expenses

Note: All sessions can be conducted face-to-face in London (extra charges for locations outside London) or via Zoom.

How to Schedule an Appointment

Ready for a transformative journey? Contact Femaura to schedule your session: