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About Femaura Social Enterprise Ltd

The Companies House approved the name of Femaura Social Enterprise Ltd on 20th April 2020.

Femaura was founded in December 2008 by Femaura Team – two deaf employees Pam Trujillo and Ezio Savva (Yi Savva). Being Deaf, they both have the first-hand experience of the barriers Deaf people face in their daily lives with communication and fully understand how vital it is that different communities can interact, communicate, express, and pass on information between each other. This is where the need for a Social Enterprise was established, and Femaura was born. The name Femaura was created by Femaura Deaf CEO. She felt that nobody should be left out, and inclusivity should be represented within the company’s name, as this is something close to her heart. So with that in mind, she created the term FEMAURA, meaning ‘Fe’ (female)-‘ma’ (male) – ‘aura’.

Since Femaura developed a charity in 2011, we had to change the name from Femaura to Femaura Trading 2011. A BSL interpreter has recommended this name to Companies House. However, the staff from Femaura always feel uncomfortable about using this name. Femaura has run as a social enterprise since 2008 and is operated by our social enterprise mission objectives until now. We all agree that Femaura Social Enterprise Ltd would offer a clearer picture of what we are operating as a company and work with a charity. 

Pam Trujillo – The previous CEO of Femaura passed away in June 2020 after losing her fight against Pancreatic cancer. Pam was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer in October 2019. Regardless of this, she continued her valuable work for Femaura with determination and passion right up.

Pam was not formally recognised for her lifetime commitment – campaigning for the rights of Deaf people and fighting discrimination. We at Femaura have recognised her achievements – and even more so now she has gone. Being a victim of Audism and Dysconsicious Audism herself, Pam strived to fight for the rights of Deaf people portraying an unrelenting desire to confront discrimination in possible form. Those who know Pam and experienced her signing standard will have recognised what a first-rate and outstanding teacher she was. Her beautiful use of sign language was frequently commented on and was the envy of many. To encapsulate, as an Assessor once commented, she signed with the fluency and linguistical ability of that of a Level 8 qualification, far and beyond the standard Level 6 BSL qualification – and with minimum use of lip patterns too. 

Today, Femaura is a fully functional Interpreting and Translation agency. It is the only centre in the UK to officially deliver the innovative and awe-inspiring Deaf Way training and the provision of BSL, International Sign Language and Spanish Sign Language courses.

During the coronavirus lockdown period, Femaura Social Enterprise Ltd still offers British Sign Language and Deaf Way courses, working from home (employees). We also provide one to one private tuition lessons and offer BSL translation service (BSL to English; English to BSL). We have some exciting news to inform you shortly about our more contemporary services that support both the Deaf and Hearing community.