About Femaura


Femaura was founded in December 2008 as a Deaf led social enteprise.

We are a registered charity and all profits go back into providing services for the Deaf community. Femaura is a not for profit social enterprise and work with a charity. Our aim is to bridge the gap between the deaf and hearing worlds by improving access and rights for Deaf people.

Our services including Sign Language interpreting, Sign Language courses, Sign Club, Coaching and Consultants.We host a training room in our Femaura Shop that accessible by Buses, and near Finsbury Park.


  • Sign Language Interpreter Service – in UK wide, we providing a range of services including Deaf Interpreters, BSL Interpreters, Communication Support Workers, note-takers, palantypists, BSL translators.


  • Sign Language and Deaf Way Training – In order to achieve this, we provide a number of courses at various levels that are accessible to both deaf and hearing people. We provide a BSL Level 1 to 6 and provide a range of BSL and Deaf Way training


  • Deaf Coaching and Consultants – We also work with external organisations to improve their accessibility in London to promote information about Deaf Way, Sign Language, Human Rights, and UN convention on the Rights on the Persons with Disabilities.


  • Sign Club – we usually host a popular Sign Club every Thursdays to encourage sign language students to practice their BSL skills and also involved in fun activities and get meet up other BSL students.  We also encourage Deaf people and hearing children to learn BSL in this Club.