Akashic Aura Counselling: A Revolutionary Spiritual Therapy by Ezio Savva via Elohim and Femaura


Unveiling a groundbreaking new spiritual therapy — Akashic Aura Counselling. Brought to you exclusively by Femaura and the guidance of the highest creator, Elohim, this service marks a unique intersection between Akashic Records consultation and traditional counselling. Founded by Ezio Savva via Elohim (Highest Creator), a Level 3 certified counsellor and Akashic Records Consultant, our therapy aims to bring profound transformation to both Deaf and hearing individuals.

What is Akashic Aura Counselling?

In Akashic Aura Counselling sessions, the counsellor opens the client’s Akashic Records and reads their aura. This provides a deeply insightful foundation from which to discuss various issues the client may face. Unlike traditional counselling, which might require multiple sessions for problem-solving, Akashic Aura Counselling often brings rapid understanding and resolution, thanks to the direct guidance from Akashic Records. This is a dynamic counselling approach that spans physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual dimensions.


  • Swift Insight and Resolution: Unlike traditional counselling, which may require 10 or 20 sessions to achieve results, Akashic Aura Counselling often brings quicker recognition and understanding.
  • Holistic Approach: This counselling method covers all aspects of being — from physical and emotional to mental and spiritual.
  • Connection to Higher Spiritual Realms: Clients can connect with Masters, high selves, spiritual guides, and archangels during sessions.

Session Details and Pricing

  • Initial Assessment: A preliminary session charged at £72.
  • Standard Session: £120 per hour.
  • Package Offers: 5 sessions for £480 and 10 sessions for £1,000.

Sessions can be weekly, monthly, or more frequent, depending on the client’s needs.

How to Book

To initiate your transformative journey, contact Ezio Savva at Femaura for an initial assessment. You can reach us via email at contact@femaura.com or text at 07877 590460.

British Sign Language (BSL)

BSL is integral to our service. As a native-born Deafmute individual with fluent BSL skills, Ezio Savva ensures complete accessibility for the Deaf community. Interpretation services will be provided for hearing clients.


“Wow, I feel really good. I found out so many things about myself only from one session compared to my previous counsellors. Akashic Aura Counselling is a revolutionary new therapy, and I look forward to exploring more about other issues I have. Thank you so much.”