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 Welcome to Femaura: A Deaf Led Social Enterprise Company

Welcome to Femaura – ‘supporting the Deaf community

Femaura is a social enterprise company run by Deaf people for Deaf and Hearing people. Our services help to improve the lives of Deaf and Hearing people.  We are one of the first providers that deliver BSL tutorials and BSL intensive courses, which we can offer you varies of options that suit your needs. 

Our experienced Deaf tutors teach a range of nationally-accredited courses in British Sign Language (BSL)  and International Sign Language for people who do not know anything about the language to those who have studied for years. We also run BSL courses for people who have learning difficulties, whose lives could be greatly enhanced by learning the language.

We have a 100% pass rate for BSL level 1 and level 2  so you will be in safe hands when you learn with Femaura.  We also run a very full programme of level 3 including theories and practice, with portfolio building. 

At Femaura, we are also concerned about the rights of people, particularly Deaf people. Our courses on human rights have been hugely popular. Our Deaf Way course will give you an understanding of Deaf culture, community, history and language.

If you are interested in any of our services, please feel free to browse the website or contact us for more information. We love hearing from people! 

  • FemauraDeaf Led Social Enterprise company
  • Abc Awards Accredited for BSL Level 1-3
  • OCN London for Deaf Way and Human Rights Courses
  • ISO 9001 accredited twice
  • We met Prince Charles
  • CEO meet Richard Branson
  • BSL level 1
  • BSL Level 1
  • bsl level 3
  • Training or Meeting Room Hire - please ask us for details
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