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Our Social Enterprise offers a variety of services that suit individual needs
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Our British Sign Language courses would enhanced to communicate in the beautiful languages that Deaf people do Everyday. Other courses including Deaf Way, Human Rights, International Sign Language. We also have a Sign Club to encourage BSL signers to practice more weekly. Please click for more info.

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Tutorials or Tuitions to assist to polish your sign language on One to One basics to allow Deaf models to teach you in full. Our success that many students able to cover extra tutorials to allow to pass their examinations or assignments or face a real life experience.

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Communication Providers Agency

Looking for a specific person who can translate, modifying English, taking notes, or providing captions for Deaf clients. Please click to contact us and we will find the best person for you.

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Consultancy and Coaching

Deaf Consultancy is that we share our expertise and knowledge to help both businesses and individuals on varied specific Deaf-related field. Personal or Life coaching that providing support to both Deaf or Hearing people who wish to make some form of changes within their lives.

About us section

Femaura's history and useful information
Overtime, Femaura’s reputation grew with Interpreter training, coaching with both Deaf and hearing people.

Femaura was founded in December 2008 by CEO, Pam (BA Hons) and Co-founder and Director, Yi (BA Hons). Being Deaf, they both have first hand experience of the barriers Deaf people face in their daily lives with communication and have a full understanding of how vital it is that different communities are able to interact, communicate, express and pass on information between each other. This is where the need for a Social Enterprise was established and Femaura was born. The name Femaura was created by the CEO Pam. She felt that nobody should be left out and inclusivity should be represented within the name of the company, as this is something close to her heart. So with that in mind, she created the term FEMAURA, meaning ‘Fe’ (female)-‘ma’ (male) – ‘aura’.

Do you need communication support?

We can provide professional communication support for you in any domain

Sign Language Interpreters

Qualified Level 6 with interpreter training
British sign language (BSL) interpreters help deaf and hearing people to communicate with one another. They do this by interpreting spoken English into BSL.

Deaf Interpreters

Qualified or Experienced Deaf Interpreter minimum Level 6 standard.
A Deaf Interpreter is a specialist who provides interpreting, translation services in British Sign Language and other visual and tactual communication forms used by individuals who are Deaf and Deaf-Blind.

Professional Notetakers

We ensure that all notetakers are trained as minimum Level 3 or Level 4.
Electronic and Manual Notetakers provide accurate notes from a summary to more in a variety of formats and work in a number of settings including professional, conference, community, medical and academic.


Whatever you see is not on our website, please still request for your kind of support you need.
We can check out other forms of communication providers such as Palantypists, Lipspeakers, a specialist for Modifying English, or a Specialist Coach that suit your workplace or your study.

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