June 1, 2016


Welcome to Femaura Course page that will list all courses that you desire to find something that interesting to you.

The important thing is when you find a course you are interested, we love to hear from you, please do write an email with a list of questions you want to ask about the course. contact@femaura.com.


British Sign LanguageDurationDate StartEndTimeInfoPrice (£)
BSL Level 1Tuesdays Evening(20 weeks)16/01/201829/04/201818:00 - 21:00BSL Level 1 PDF£469.00
BSL Level 2Tuesdays (20 weeks)16/01/201829/04/201818:00 - 21:00BSL Level 2 PDF£589.00
BSL Level 3Fridays (5-6 months)26/01/201818/05/201810:00 - 16:00BSL Level 3 PDF £1249.00
BSL Level 6Saturdays (Part 1 & Part 2)TBC Feb 2018 Not ConfirmedTwice per monthPart 1: 6 hours per session
Part 2: Tutorials
BSL Level 6 PDF£2217.00 (Both Part 1 and 2)
International Sign Language Level 3Tutorials 01/02/2018TBC by Teacher / Student10-15 tutorialsInternational Sign Language PDF£1217.89
BSL Level 1Tuesdays ( 10 Full Days)16/01/201813/03/201810:00 - 16:00BSL Level 1 PDF£469.00
BSL Level 2Tuesdays ( 10 Full Days)16/01/201813/03/201810:00 - 16:00BSL Level 2 PDF£589.00
BSL Level 1Intensive Two weeks03/04/201813/04/201810:00 - 16:00BSL Level 1 PDF£469.00
BSL Level 2Intensive Two weeks 03/04/201813/04/201810:00 - 16:00BSL Level 2 PDF£589.00


Deaf WayDurationDate StartEndTimeInfoPrice (£)
DW11 Day12/10/201712/10/201710:00 - 15:30Deafway Level 1 PDF£109.00
DW11 Dayask for detailsask for details10:00 - 15:30Deafway Level 1 PDF£109.00


Short Courses CPDDurationDate StartEndTimeInfoPrice (£)
BSL Linguistics for Interpreters1 Day29/04/201721/04/201710:00 - 16:00BSL Interpreter - Best Practice CPD£100.00
Usui Reiki Level 12 Days29/04/201730/04/201709:00 - 16:00Reiki Weekend Course Level 1£199.00
Dynamic Community Interpreting1 Day 30/04/201730/04/201710:00 - 16:00Dynamic Community Interpreting - CPD£100.00
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