Prices for DSA Communication Providers

The price for Disability Student Allowance: Communication Providers

We source Communicator Providers on variable rate but ensure that they would be less than the maximum price of the providers.

The maximum price for providers per hour which are:-

BSL Interpreters = £54

Professional Notetakers = £40

Modifying English = £40

Please contact Femaura for more information about DSA Communication Providers:

Femaura – NMH Rates

Period covered – 01/08/2019 through to 31/07/2019


The table below shows NMH rates. The greyed out cells indicate that the NMH provider does not offer these services.


Note: NMH Support Rates shown per hour in the table below.

  Standard Rate (in-person) Distance Learning only (in-person, in-home Remote Delivery (e.g. Facetime/Skpe or similar) Only
Band 1 Support Assistants Net VAT Total Net VAT Total Net VAT Total
Practical Support Assistant
Library Support Assistant
Workshop / Laboratory Assistant
Sighted Guide
Proof Reader / text checker
Band 2 Enhanced Support Assistants                  
Study Assistant
Examination Support Worker
Note Taker £40 n/a £40 £40 n/a £40 £40 n/a £40
Band 3 Specialist Enabling Support                  
Communication Support Worker
Lip Speaker
Specialist Note taker (Deaf/Hard of Hearing students) including Electronic Note Taker and Speech to Text Reporter
Specialist Note taker (VI students) including Braille £40 n/a £40 £40 n/a £40 £40 n/a £40
Specialist Transcription Service
Mobility Trainer
Band 4 Specialist Access and Learning Facilitators                  
Specialist Mentor – Mental Health
Specialist Mentor – AS
Specialist 1:1 Study Skills Support – SpLD
Specialist 1:1 Study Skills Support – AS
BSL Interpreter – includes Interpreter for the deaf or Deafblind People £54 n/a £54 £54 n/a £54 £54 n/a £54
Assistive Technology Trainer
Specialist Support Professional for Deaf students
Specialist Support Professional for students with Vision Impairment
Specialist Support Professional for students with Multi-sensory impairment (MSI)