Deaf Way for Medical Professionals


Deaf Way for Medical Professionals

Working with Deaf patients?

Normally, when encountering a deaf patient (Hearing impairment, Deafness, Hard of Hearing etc), both parties will be nervous because they don’t know what to expect and how to react. As a profesional it is important to know what to do when encountering these situations. The existing disability training out there does not include all the communication skills required when initially meeting a deaf person. This is why we feel that Deaf Way training is paramount for professionals with deaf service users, and it is also an important part of their own professional development. It will improve both their lives and those of their patients, enabling  them to give patients the right advice. 


What makes Deaf Way unique?

           Deaf Way training is taught by a native deaf tutor who has over thirty years’ first hand life experience. Our workshop it is the perfect opportunity for professionals to ask all of the questions they have wanted to ask about how to communicate with a deaf person, but that they didn’t really know where to go and ask these things. Often, medical professionals don’t really focus on the bigger picture and all of the barriers that the deaf community face on a daily basis. That is why Deaf Way training includes historical and social perspectives related to the deaf community, as well as covering linguistics and BSL.


Why should you attend this course?

Professionals that have previously attended the course were greatly impacted by some of the techniques learned during the training, and when they went back to work they found that the barriers they had formerly encountered with deaf patients, or deaf service-users, had disappeared, and so communication became a lot easier.

It is important for medical professionals – from the moment a deaf baby is born and they first encounter this patient – to have a clear understanding of the type of advice that they will be giving the parents, because they could potentially be sending the parents down the wrong path if they are not familiar with this information. It is unfortunate that the current advice out there contains a lot of gaps, and this can lead to parents making wrong decisions. We feel that Deaf Way will improve medical professionals’ knowledge of deaf culture and history, enabling them to advise the family of the newborn deaf baby correctly. 

Deaf Way course Dates: – please contact us to register your interest.  Deaf Way course is one day from 10am to 3.30pm and may include an assessment (OCN London certificate).