Supporting and Uniting the Deaf and Hearing Community

Femaura is a social enterprise company run by Deaf people for Deaf and Hearing people. Our services help to improve the lives of the Deaf and Hearing as we are committed to supporting, educating and enriching both communities, bridging the gap between each world and celebrating our uniqueness.

Our British Sign Language courses enhanced peoples confidence to communicate in this beautiful languages that Deaf people use everyday. We provide a number of other courses including Deaf Way, Human Rights and International Sign Language.

We also hold a weekly Sign Club to encourage BSL signers to practice in a safe environment.



We offer tutorials to assist and polish up your sign language. This has proven very successful over the years as students are able to have one to one time with a fully qualified Deaf tutor who can assist students in working towards their exams or helping with assignments.



Looking for someone who can translate, modify English, take notes or provide captions for Deaf clients? Please click to contact us and we will be able to provide you with one of our qualified team members.



Deaf Consultancy allows us to share our expertise and knowledge to help both businesses and individuals with any Deaf-related issues they need support with. Life coaching provides support to both Deaf or Hearing people who wish to make some form of changes within their lives.