Deaf Way for Parents of a Deaf Child

Have you got a Deaf Child? Are you concerned about the Future? Deaf Way will enable you to make the right decision for your child

Deaf Way training is really important for the mental health and wellbeing of deaf children . It is a new concept concentrating on building bridges between the deaf and hearing community. When we talk about building bridges, we mean that the training will benefit the parents , even those who are Deaf themselves, in understanding how to deal with certain situations that will occur when having a deaf child.

Sometimes, the parents of deaf children do not get a lot of advice from the medical professionals out there, who, in turn, do not have enough information themselves. Generally speaking, the hearing parents of a deaf child tend to panic. This lack of available information does not benefit the parents, and instead causes them to make wrong decisions regarding their child’s upbringing.

Why you shouldn’t miss this Opportunity

This is why Deaf Way training, a one-day workshop where parents of a deaf child can learn to understand how to provide a good quality of life for their child, is so important. The training encourages parents to learn how to communicate with their child, and also how to enable and encourage the deaf child to communicate back with them, so that the communication is reciprocal. Deaf Way training gives the parents more confidence on what to do in this situation.

The Deaf Way workshop is taught by a deaf teacher, with over five years teaching experience . A native sign language user with a very strong deaf identity. has over thirty years’ life experience themselves about what being a deaf child in a hearing world is like.

Making the right decision

Deaf Way training provides parents with the confidence to make the right decisions for their child’s future, involving education, and in helping break down the barriers that deaf children face, and that the parents would struggle with if they didn’t attend the training. A lot of agencies and medical professionals simply do not have enough information on this topic. They may have qualifications, but they don’t actually have first-hand experience of what being deaf entails. This includes aspects such as the deaf community and deaf identity, and all the gaps and barriers that exist within this topic. Please note: Deaf Way is not to be confused with Deaf Awareness. Deaf Way is a holistic and deaf centred approach to educating people about the way in which deaf people live.

Deaf Way course Dates: – please contact us to register your interest.  Deaf Way course is one day from 10am to 3.30pm and may include an assessment (OCN London certificate).

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