November 6, 2017

BSL Pre Courses



Review all units included in Level 1 (ABC, Signature, IBSL). Good opportunity to refresh your receptive skills, fingerspelling and numbers. Useful communication activities and feed back.

Fees: £109 (this includes a feedback report in preparation for your next level)

Duration: 1 day, 10am – 4pm


PRE-LEVEL3 (Vocabulary refresher workshop)

Ideal for people who have achieved their L2 qualification but due to time commitments haven’t had the chance to regularly mix with the deaf community.

Content: Activities geared towards giving you the opportunity to practice and memorize L2 vocabulary as well as tools to create phrases covering the following topics;

  • Health & Sports
  • Work
  • Campaigning on Deaf issues and Human Rights
  • Sufficient vocabulary to communicate at pre- L3 standard.
  • Eating out and shopping ( retail)
  • Travelling
  • Will focus on grammar, facial expressions and handshakes.

Fees: £499

Duration : 10 weeks, 10:00 to 16:00. ( this includes final individual 1 to 1 feedback session at the end of the course.

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