BSL Level 2

British Sign Language Level 2

You will expand on the vocabulary and topics you were taught on Level 1 and learn how to construct more complex discussions in BSL.

Course Context

Femaura’s British Sign Language Level 2 course will include essential vocabulary at intermediate level as well as BSL grammar and structure, including sign order and Non Manual Features covering areas such as:

  • Social interaction and activities
  • Educational routes
  • Work environment
  • Deaf culture and history

We will use the same dynamic teaching methods as in Level 1 with additional activities such as discussions, receptive exercises using a range of videos and role play from real life examples. Homework will be given and you will receive feedback on both classwork and homework in BSL by our Deaf tutors.

At the end of the course students ought to be able to use a wide range of vocabulary in BSL with appropriate grammatical content to tell a story and express yourself in a conversation. We will also teach you appropriate behaviour when socialising with Deaf people, such as turn taking and asking for clarification.

This is a certified course and in order to receive the ABC Awards, BSL L2 qualification students must successfully undertake three assessments; one for productive, one for receptive and one dialogue. These can be retaken as needed.

Available Courses


Saturdays – 10 Full Days (9am to 3pm) 21 September to 30 November  2019 .

Tuesdays  –  10 Full Days (9am to 3pm) 17 September to 26 November 2019.

Tuesdays – 20 Evenings (6pm to 8pm) 1 October 2019 to 24 March 2020.


Saturdays 10 Full Days (9am to 3pm) 18 January 2020 to 28 March 2020.

Tuesdays  10 Full Days (10am to 4pm) 14 January 2020 to 24 March 2020.

Saturdays 10 Full Days (9am to 3pm) 5 May 2020 to 4 July 2020.

Tuesdays 10 Full Days (10am to 4pm) 28 April 2020 to 30 June 2020.

Intensive Course – Mondays to Fridays  (10am to 4pm) 6 April 2020 to 17 April 2020 (including Easter holidays).

Intensive Course – Mondays to Friday (10am to 4pm) 3 August 2020 to 14 August 2020.

Alternative Options

Please see our website for current course fees and dates. If available dates are not suitable please contact Femaura for One to One Coaching / private tutorials sessions.