BSL Level 6


Femaura has been approved by Signature to deliver NVQ Level 6 in British Sign Language. The course is incorporated of two parts; Part 1 Language Development and Part 2 Portfolio Building, delivered at Hornsey Road, North London. 

Part 1

This course is aimed at learners who have completed BSL Level 3 or 4 (either ABC Awards, Signature or IBSL) and would like to take their knowledge to the next stage.  Learners need to be ready and have already achieved full BSL Level 3 skills in the Deaf community or Deaf environment and are now ready to progress to Level 6. They need to be at high standard of BSL Level 3/4.

This is suitable for learners who want to work within the Deaf community but raise their skills to have faster and more complex BSL skills with others. Not  only useful for working within the Deaf community, this course is also for those who may want to develop their skills to Level 6 for future working opportunities, enrolling of courses such as BSL Interpreter or a Translator qualification.

 Course Context

  • Building language development from Level 3 to 6 (progressing on your level to a faster pace and clear structure into BSL order of the language).
  • Developing understanding and use BSL linguistics (Both Level 4 and 6 contexts) to communicate with deaf signers effectively and fluently.
  • Opportunities of practicing receptive skills with a DVD using questions and answers
  • Developing complex work and social subjects to expand your vocabulary
  • Researching subjects in depth with references to a Level 6 standard for presentations and conversations
  • Variety of activities including One to One or group discussion and debates
  • Developing presentation skills, and involving tips on how to have great complex skills in conversation, argument and debate.
  • Receiving regular feedback and identifying areas of development of BSL skills.
  • Opportunity to practice and film video pieces ready for Part 2, with analysis and feedback on videos.

Course Dates: First two days of induction (Saturday and Sunday), followed by one Saturday per month from September until January 2019.

Time: 10am to 4pm

Part 2

We will have two days to focus on how to do BSL Level 6 Portfolio Building for Part 2 of BSL Level 6 course. 

With the first approval from Signature in April 2015, we received a number of tips and advice from Internal and External Verified moderators running high quality BSL Level 6 courses.

Evidence Collection

Learners will produce their own portfolio and collect videos from external environments (our workshop will show you how to do this).  Fast track instructions will be given on how to make a great portfolio with initial plans on how to create videos.

Qualification:  When the External Verifier visits and approves candidate’s work as pass, they will award candidates with Signature Level 6 in British Sign Language.


  • Two days portfolio building workshop
  • 8 x 1 hour tutorials (via visit to Femaura and/or via Webcam)
  • Support will given by Femaura Assessors with detailed feedback.
  • Free access to Sign Club on Thursdays 6pm-8pm
  • Access to information and advice from Femaura on how to achieve volunteer or paid opportunities or next advanced career qualification

Cost for both Part 1 & 2: £2150 (Inclusive of Assessor, IQA Assessors, and Signature fees – subject to further EQA fees, the candidate might have to pay extra if they do not achieve the criteria of the qualification)


In order to determine your eligibility for the course, each candidate will be interviewed with the opportunity to present answers to questions from our BSL team.  Candidates will be informed at end of the day with feedback given to those who are unsuccessful.  

Deadline application by email only: 31 January 2019; 31 May 2019

Interview Date: June 2018

Start Date: 14 September 2019 (Saturdays)

During the course (Part 1 & 2)

Free access to Sign Club every Thursday to practice with other BSL signers, enjoy games and making friends at the same time. You will also have access to BSL teacher for any issues about your BSL skills.V

Address: 458 Hornsey Road, London N19 4EE

Lovely BSL Team

The course is run by our highly experienced pure BSL Teachers and experienced IV assessor, which will provide sufficient feedback for these learners who study BSL Level 6 course.  They will be supported by challenging their weakness and transforming them into strengths, which will be an effective learning experience. We are very strong at identifying weaknesses and polishing learners on their BSL order and Non-measures features, to ensure better communication and enhanced receptive BSL signer’s skills.

If you wish to apply, please discuss with us, please contact us: or text 07877 590460 (if you call on Friday contact us via in-house BSL interpreter).