News: Final Respect for our CEO

As COVID-19 restrictions lift and life is beginning to show signs of normality, Femaura wholeheartedly hopes you have kept safe and well, and you’ll continue to do so over coming months.

We have some dreadfully sad news to share with you, we regret to inform you that Pamir Trujillo – CEO of Femaura since 2008 passed away after losing her fight against Pancreatic cancer. Pamir was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer in October 2019. Regardless of this, she continued her valuable work for Femaura with determination and passion right up until her death in June. Unfortunately, Pamir’s positive outlook towards food, exercise, health and spiritual thinking was not enough to beat the cancer that had spread throughout her body, including her liver. Pamir Trujillo passed away peacefully, leaving us for a better place, on 9th June 2020 at 3.40am. She was at peace in the end, and we know she has left her physical being to belong in a more heavenly place where she’ll finally be united with Elohim.

Pamir was not formally recognised for her lifetime commitment – campaigning for the rights of Deaf people and fighting discrimination. We at Femaura, have recognised her achievements – and even more so now she has gone.  Being a victim of Audism and Dysconsicious Audism herself, Pamir strived to fight for the rights of Deaf people portraying an unrelenting desire to confront discrimination in very possible form.

It is through these desires to breakdown barriers that Pamir created Femaura, the name itself derived from the terms; ‘female’, ‘male’ and ‘aura’ – representing a positive shield protecting men and women alike, regardless of age, ethnicity, race or disability from endless discrimination and negative criticism, from both the hearing and deaf world.

Today, Femaura is a fully functional Interpreting and Translation agency, it is the only centre in the UK to officially deliver the innovative and awe-inspiring Deaf Way training long with provision of BSL, International Sign Language and Spanish Sign Language courses. Those who know Pamir, and experienced her standard of signing, will have recognised what a first-rate and outstanding teacher she was. Her beautiful use of sign language was frequently commented on and was the envy of many.  To encapsulate, as an Assessor once commented, she signed with the fluency and linguistical ability of that of a Level 8 qualification, far and beyond the standard Level 6 BSL qualification – and with minimum use of lip patterns too.  The exposure to such an exceptional use of language will be missed by us all at Femaura, as will the innovative, exploratory ideas that Pamir often shared in everyday conversations.

Pamir showcased her true vocation in life as a mentor and teacher with many students, interpreters CSWs, staff and trustees. She improved the quality of life for many of us through her concepts, ideas, advice and tips on how to improve upon life, and to always aim high. People have transitioned from poverty to wealth based on Pamir’s thoughts, advice and guidance.

For those of you who didn’t know; Pamir was able to access an internal library of poems – over 200 of them – on any subject, each one improvised in pure, spellbinding BSL at any given time.

Pamir’s death is a great loss to the Deaf community.

She will be sorely missed.

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