Femaura Social Enterprise – as an Amended Company Name!

We would like to share some news about our new amended name as Femaura Social Enterprise, that been approved by the Companies House yesterday on 20th April 2020.

Since Femaura developed a charity in 2011, we had to change the name from Femaura to Femaura Trading in 2011.  This name has been recommended by a BSL interpreter to Companies House.  However, the staff from Femaura always feel uncomfortable about using this name.

Femaura has run as a social enterprise since 2008 and is operated by our social enterprise mission objectives until now.  We all agree that Femaura Social Enterprise Ltd would offer a more clear picture of what we are operating as a company, and working with a charity. 

During the coronavirus lockdown period, Femaura Social Enterprise Ltd still offer British Sign Language and Deaf Way courses, working from home (employees).  We also offer one to one private tuition lessons and offer BSL translation service (BSL to English; English to BSL).   We have some exciting news to inform you shortly about our newer services that support both the Deaf and Hearing community. 

We understand that Femaura Sign Club cannot be opened during the coronavirus lockdown period, as we strongly believed in customers should stay at home to be safe, and should not with any other person.  We are now working how to serve a sign club online.  We will keep you updated.

If you wish to send us any enquiries, please contact us by sending an email to: contact@femaura.com

Femaura Social Enterprise Ltd


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