Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

A christmas Tree with blue ribbons, suitable for Deaf community, and silver colour relate to abundance, both spiritual and physical. Part of Femaura that is attracted to.

Femaura wish you everyone Merry Christmas and Happy New Year of 2019. We are very excited to see the new year coming up for 2019 with some new changes. Femaura is expanding and will announce some surprise in January 2019 with some news.

Femaura has expanded their business from 2008 by providing British Sign Language interpreters, as an agency. We believed in Deaf Social Enterprise that all profits will go to a charity, which was established in 2011, so deaf and hearing people can access a free course. Some years we received some profit so they can access to British Sign Language Level 1-3 course, and Deaf Way courses, and Human Rights course. We are also a first Deaf led Social Enterprise delivering in education only in the United Kingdom.

We achieved 10 years anniversity by passing the date of 24 December 2018, which we are very proud of. Many people has commented that we would not run the business within first 2 years but we have prove them wrong, deaf leaders can prove that they can run for more than 10 years as a small business. Anyone can do it!

In 2018, we have delivered BSL Level 1-6 courses, mostly focus on BSL Level 1 to 3. We have awarded more BSL Level 1, 2, 3 to many students that we wish to say Congratulations! One person has achieved BSL Level 6 and awarded a certificate from Signature – we are very proud of! We are currently looking for more students who want to do BSL Level 6.

We continuing to providing BSL interpreter, Communication Support Worker, notetakers, and palantypists through the agency. However, a difference in 2018 that we provided clients with Deaf Translation and Deaf interpreting.

We do not want to forget two important things, with the Sign Club, we went through a number of changes, we introduced a number of activities, different format of delivery through the feedback from our attendees, we met a number of different new people and regular people has returned. We had a smashing good time with the small Christmas party, in December. We also delivered a number of one to one tuition support including British Sign Language and International Sign Language.

We will introduce next post in January 2019 to informing you the plans for Femaura including a surprise to tell you about.

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