Merry Christmas to Everyone! from Femaura

At Femaura, we have enjoyed to have all students during 2017 studying from British Sign Language level 1 to 6 at Femaura, but not just that, also for International Sign Language, Deaf Way and Human Rights courses. We wish to say Merry Christmas to everyone.

We also want to appreciate all business colleagues, companies, and government bodies that we worked with during the year, we have learnt a lot from them, and they have learnt alot from us.

Not just Social Enterprise only, but operate within the Femaura charity, we would like to say many thanks to the trustees of Femaura, stakeholders who promote Sign Language rights within the UK Community.

Even though many visitors have approached Femaura, or whom in Deaf community or in society, we want to say Merry Christmas to everyone.

We attached our picture of beautiful blue Christmas Tree ->

Blue Christmas Tree, similar features in Femaura!


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