IV Assessor is required for Femaura – Freelance job advert

Femaura is looking for an IV assessor BSL for Signature Level 6 qualification.

We require this Assessor to be experienced and already has been to other Signature centre before and should have knowledge of Signature NVQ regulations. We prefer IV based in London, or nearby in London. Please send your cover letter and your CV if you want to apply:

Many thanks
Internal verifier CVs are checked and validated to ensure occupational background, at an appropriate level, in the particular sector as required by the awarding body (copy D or A/V unit certificates held) 2. A system of professional updating is in place for all internal verifiers and records kept 3. Newly appointed internal verifiers are monitored on a regular basis to ensure their understanding of the standards is thorough 4. Training/development is carried out to address identified needs of all internal verifiers and development plans kept 5. All internal verifiers have a clear understanding of their role in quality assurance 6. There is an explicit system in place which ensures that validation of assessment decisions is made by qualified internal verifiers who have not made the assessment decisions 7. All claims for certification are validated by a qualified internal verifier 8. There is a system in place for trainee internal verifiers to work with shadow qualified verifiers 9. Trainee internal verifiers have clear target dates to achieve D34 and their progress towards achievement is monitored 10. A written sampling strategy is maintained by all the internal verifiers for each programme
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