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FREE Reiki Guide – What to expect from a Reiki Treatment?

Thank you for taking the opportunity to download this guide. Just for doing this, I am happy to provide you with some FREE information.

My intention is to encourage you to consider more about Reiki before deciding if you should go for Reiki treatment.

There is no catch or hidden conditions when you download this guide. Nor are you under any obligation to purchase any Reiki treatment from us. I do offer my full support to help you select the option best suited to your life (or alternatively offer my support for another person -­‐ maybe a friend or family member).


What is Reiki?

Deaf Reiki Healer

You probably find many different definitions on the Internet or from the Books but I will not copy any references. From my mind, please let me share my own definition.

In my own words: “Reiki is a healing energy that we can either send energy to that person or place our hands on that person and intend healing energy to come out of our hands to provide positive energy to that person.

Reiki is always intended to provide high quality of light and healing energy to cleanse, repair or heal that person’s whole body. Reiki will go and heal onvarious different levels of that person’s body including Physical, Emotional, mental, spiritual, or more bodies such as karmic, or source level if required.

Reiki can help with animals, humans, plants and much more.”


Why do we use Reiki for?

To help ourselves be more relaxed, more peaceful, to return our original feelings again after feelings have been blocked or repressed for several years. Reiki is marvellous and has a high intelligence that will go and heal as possible. To some of us, it will surprise us by what it ‘can do’ . Many people say that Reiki is not a CURE, which is correct, but Reiki always goes for higher good for that person.

I like Reiki very much because as soon as I was attuned by my Reiki Master about 10 years ago, I can self Reiki to help myself improve the quality of my health and my attitude about illness, plus I perceive the world in a different light. It also encourages me to Reiki friends and family to learn more about different person’s health. It improves relationships between myself and other another person, it has changed my life and other people’s lives.


When should I get Reiki treatment? How many Reiki Treatments?

It is dependent on what illness or stress youhave. We advise you to stay with GP advice on any medicine or any treatments you have. In which case, you need to check with your GP first prior to attending Reiki treatments.


Reiki will help as many illnesses including the list as below
Pain Stress   Anxiety   Addictions     Fatigue
Headaches Back pain   Diabetics   Epilepsy     Depression
Heart disease Cancers   Asthma   HIV     Fibromyalgia


Pregnancy   Emotional   Sleeping   Abuses   Weight issues
ADD / ADHD   Autism   Crohn’s Disease   Bowel   Brain Injury


We recommend minimum 4 treatments for simple disease, and minimum 10 treatments for a long-­‐term illness.


When I receive a Reiki treatment, what will I feel?

You may feel nothing at first which is normal but Reiki will work inside your body.It’s already working. From my healing many people will feel warm from my hands, or feel cold. In my experiences, some people fell asleep during treatments, even when they had sleeping problems. They might see some colours or light during the treatment. Some feel peaceful and feel happy. One of my previous clients was suffering from depression, and suddenly felt he wanted to go and run after a treatment. Some clients were crying but out of happiness or relief of emotional issues.


What happen if I did had a Reiki treatment and my illness does not get better?

Perhaps one Reiki treatment is not enough. Let me tell you of my experience: I had some illness and had Reiki treatments, it became better much sooner than I expected but I found another illness. It is not getting better but has taught me other lessons about the life. Sometimes the illness is there for many reasons such as karma lessons that you need to sort out first. I realise I learn lessons teaching me that I should do things differently and make changes first.

Sometimes I have done Reiki on a person and they felt worse for first 2 days, but then they felt much better. The first 2 days I hought Reiki make it worse and maybe the person did not like it but have realised later that sometimes heavy negative energy needs time to leave before positive energy makes things better.


How can I order a Reiki Treatment?

There are different options through me ( or other Reiki practitioners.

You can request a Reiki Practitioner to visit your place or visit their place. When you have an appointment you receive a full treatment in a room where you feel peaceful and focus on resting. We provide treatment by lying down on a massage table or you can sit on a chair . We can then do all the work on you.

Or you can request a distance Reiki treatment, where you can booka time and you relax at home or at work for half hour or one hour . Somewhere the Reiki Practitioner can send energy to you.


If I have more question about Reiki, what shall I do?

Please contact or if you have any further questions or ask for a list of FREE guides relating to Reiki.

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