Why choose to study British Sign Language with ABC Awards?

Why choose to study British Sign Language with ABC Awards?

Does anyone like taking examinations? Recent reports from our students certainly suggest not, with many saying that exams make them nervous and stressed to the point where they lose confidence in their abilities.



At Femaura, through the ABC Awards body we offer portfolio-based assessments instead, so that the pressures of exam taking are no longer an issue. The quality of our BSL teaching is kept to the same high standards as other awarding bodies deliver and our qualified Deaf assessors, Deaf IV moderators and Deaf EV moderators all have experience in belonging to, and working within, the Deaf community.

Through our language courses, we aim to empower and encourage students to feel confident in their use of BSL. Students are able to repeat assessments up to three times during the course period, so that they are able to achieve a result they can be happy with. We also recognise that students with previous exam-based educational experience might initially find it difficult to make the transition to a portfolio-based mode of assessment. To ease this transition, we aim to be welcoming of all students’ past experiences so that they are able to start their education afresh and feel confident in the ABC Awards style of learning.


ABC Awards

As you can see from the ABC Awards website, the organisation has a long-established reputation for providing high-quality support and services to the education sector, and in helping all manner of employers, employees and learners to further develop their learning, employment and life skills. They have a great selection of study programmes, which include such necessities as Maths, English and Employability Skills. Furthermore, they offer qualifications to support Apprenticeship programmes in many different sectors, including: the Education and Skills workforce; Fashion and Textiles; Retail, Warehousing and Distribution; Youth and Community. With regulated qualifications recognised by OFQUAL and Qualification Wales, ABC Awards work with over 600 Centres nationally, with a comprehensive portfolio that covers 16 industry sectors and is designed for all ages and abilities of those above 14 years of age.

At Femaura, we make sure to fully support ABC Awards’ policies and procedures so that learners are able to achieve the best possible result they can. We also take our pride in our own innovative teaching policies regarding Deaf Culture, ensuring that all learners are respectful of the Sign Language environment whilst they are learning BSL, and are aware of culturally-specific aspects such as deaf space, deaf empowerment and pride in Sign Language.

Lastly, by following the ABC Awards guidelines the teachers at Femaura will make sure that learners taking BSL qualifications gain the practical knowledge and skills needed for transferring these skills into their respective workplaces, so that they are able to accelerate their career progress with competence and confidence. We will ensure that both employees or employers are fully confident in their abilities and we fully support learners looking to make a smooth transition from the course into employment.

For more information on the types of courses available, you can go to our website course page here.


ABC Awards


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