Femaura Brand Survey

Can you help us friends or colleagues? Would you mind filling out our Femaura Brand Survey (briefly) about our company logo?
We’d like to know what you think. The survey will take 1 minute.

In that way we are listening to our students what they would like to see any changes in our company and give us some ideas to provide right services.
As you noticed that we have revamp our website to more professional service recently.  We have received a response that they like this website rather than before.  We have reviewed our considerations that we want do more especially with our Femaura logo brand.
We decide to do something about it, as you see the above link would able to allow you to express your views.  Good news, this Brand survey does not ask for your name or your email address so you can provide what you would like to us.
Would you like our logo for Femaura to be include in next few years? or would you like to keep the colour of our logo? Would you prefer a different colour? Would you like to change the change of our logo? What emotions you feel when you see our logo?  Do you understanding the meaning of Femaura (see About Us Page will tell you that).
We look forward hearing from you about this.
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