This website is being built

Update News

Femaura is still proceeding as a social enterprise business.  We are now building a new website.

Some suggestions to inform you…

What you have recognise is unfinished website, but we keep adding new items especially we will introduce our stories, our reports but we will recommend some events.  Some events?  Such as deaf theatre reviews, film reviews, and events whom have sign language interpreters or Deaf interpreters or event Deaf presenters.

This is an important part of our development is transform our image into high quality services that we want to change for 21st century – new format of Deaf and Sign Language provision.

How to contact us

Please send us an email at if you wish to book a tutorial, or a class with Femaura.  All inclusive information will be posted to you, while this is being built.

We are really exciting to see how our website would be.



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